Agile Project Management contains four focal points: the agile revolution and its impact on new product development; the valúes and principies that drive agile project management; a process framework; and the specific practices that embody the principles and deliver results.

Chapter 1, The Agile Revolution, introduces changes that are occurring in product development—from cell phones to software—and how these changes are driving down the cost of experimentation and fundamentally altering how new product development should be managed. The chapter outlines the busiuess objectives of APM and how organizations need to adapt to operating in a chaotic world.

Chapters 2 and 3 describe the values and principles that actuate APM. The values were first articulated in theManifesto for Agile Software Development, and the principles are derived from the Manifesto, but they are ad apted from a development to a project management perspective. Chapter 2 covers the principles related to customers and products, while Chapter 3 covers principles related to leadership and management.Chapter 2 will also introduce you to Herman and Maya, project managers from different companies and different cultures, who will explore through a series of chapter opening dialogues some of the principles and practices of APM.

Cha kters 4-8 cover the APM process framework and individual practices. Chapter 4 describes the phases in the Arocess framewo rk—EEirvision, Specu late, Explore, Adapt, and Close—and Chapters 5-8 identify and describe practices in each of the phases.

Chap ter 9, Bu i l ding Large A daotive Teams, examineo how agile princ iples are u sed, toge ther w ith additional pra ctlchs, to scale APM to l arget projects and larger teams.

Chapter EO, Reliable Innovat i on, underscores how APM helps address the changing nature of new product development, summarizes the role of the agile project manager, and reflects on the need for convictio! and courage in implementing agile project m ahagement and (development.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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