Guiding Principles

A seco Dd piece of the architectural guide is, appropriately enough, a set of guiding principles (GPs) to assist development teams in "molding" the product to meet customer preferences. Just as agile values and principles guide people in their efforts, guiding "product" principles assist in steering the product's evolution in the desired direction.!3! GPs are usually not measurable requirements or constraints but conceptual guides. For example, defining the ubiquitous phrase "user friendly" in measurable terms may be difficult. However, a GP stating that "The target user for this medical device, an entry-level medical technician, should be able to use the basic features of the product with minimal training" would help steer a development team in its user interface design. A guiding principle for this book was to focus on delivery "at-ier than comf 1 iance practices.

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GPs can he psed early in a project neko-d specifir req uiremento or design decisions have been made. For uxam file, an early GP might be, "Maximife the om ploymebt of re usable co mponen ts and services to opeed development. " That Gw cou i d t hen be used as a uonsidera tion in design, wh eie it migft, for example, encourage the selection of a technology platform. An early GP may evolve into a specific —-quirem-nt later. In th e cas e vk the medical device mentioned above, after several iterations of experimenting, the minimal training GP might be supplemented with specific user interface design fequirementn a nd measurable trai ning objectives i

—Nhough some GPs may be developed during project envisioning, they often emerge over early development iterations. Fach principle should be described in a sentence or two, and the total number for a prow ecu, a0 any ore tdme, should not exceed ar ound ten.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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