All books are collaborative efforts, and this one is no exception. Many people have contributed ideas, reviews, comments, and inspiration that have helped me turn my ideas about agile project management into the reality of t hi is book.

Although I take full responsibility for the content of the book, I had a wonderful group of reviewers who contribgted significant time and effort to turning my drafts into a final product. I owe a tremendous thanks to Ken Delcol, Kevin Tate, Donna Fitzgerald, Luke Hohmann, Wes Balakian, Mike Cohn, and Lynne Nix.

Many people contributed to the material in this book. They include Jeff DeLuca, Martyn Jones, Anne Mullaney, Michele Marchesi, Norm Kerth, Scott Ambler, Doug DeCarlo, Ed Yourdon, Tim Lister, Glen Alleman, Plot) Austin, Ken Orr, Don Olson, Tom DeMarco, Sam Bayer, Alistair Cockburn, Ken Schwaber, Pollyanna Pixton, Ken Collier, Sanjiv Augustine, Ole Jepsen, Greg Reiser, Roy Singham, Robin Gibson, Lynda Belhoucine, Bob Charette, and Ian Savage.

My special thanks goes to Karen Coburn, president of the Cutter Consortium, for her support of agile project manage m ent and permission to include materia I I wrote fo r various Cutter pub l ications ín this boo kn

And last, but (to use the cliché) not least, my thanks to Paul Petralia at Addison-Wesley for his support and e ncouragemen t and to Karen Pasley for her supe rb editing.

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