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The Project Management Institute (PMI) has constantly improved the PMP examination since it was first given and will continue to improve the exam as time goes on. April 2002 was significant because of the culmination of several factors that have had an influence on the PMP examination. The Project Management Professional (PMP) Role Delineation Study was begun in 1999 to help define the roles and responsibilities of project management professionals. From this knowledge, an examination could be designed that would truly test the prospective candidates and prove that the candidates for certification could indeed competently practice the profession of project manager. A good and content-valid examination for project management professionals cannot be developed unless the roles of project managers and how they are practiced are clearly understood.

In order to accomplish this, PMI hired a company experienced in these things, Columbia Assessment Services (CAS). The initial development and evaluation was completed by a panel of thirteen members considered to be subject matter experts in the field of project management. These members represented a variety of fields of practice, industries, geographic locations, and, of course, both genders. This panel determined that there would be six project management domains:

1. Initiating

2. Planning

3. Executing

4. Controlling

5. Closing

6. Professional Responsibility

From each of the domains, a number of tasks were created, and for each of these tasks, the knowledge and skills required were determined. Once this was done project managers were surveyed from various age groups, education levels, industries, regions of the world, levels of experience, and earning levels.

In the survey, the managers were asked to evaluate the importance of the six domains on a scale of 1 to 5. The domains were evaluated according to importance, criticality, and frequency of use. The survey results were then used to determine the number of questions in each of the domain areas that would be in the examination. The results are shown in Table 10-1.

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