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In the last section of the book I have included nearly three hundred practice questions. Each of these is answered, and the answers are annotated. The questions should give you a good idea of what the exam will be like. I suggest taking several questions from each section and trying to answer them in the same amount of time PMI will give you, that is, 1.2 minutes per question.

Alternatively, you can take several of the questions and answer them after reviewing each of the chapters in the book on the subject of the questions. The questions are organized by the Guide to the PMBOK knowledge areas plus another section for the professional responsibility questions. The questions are not mixed as they will be on the actual examination, because I thought it would be more helpful to be able to review at least some of the questions at the end of each chapter. The questions on the actual exam will be randomized; if you have just answered a question from the planning domain about scheduling, the next question may be from any other knowledge area or project management domain.

Many people think that the best way to pass the PMP exam is to practice on the questions from various sources. This has two major problems. One is that the questions that you are likely to get your hands on are questions that someone other than PMI made up. These questions will certainly not have the rigorous inspection that PMI has given the questions on the actual exam. Security around the exam is very tight. None of the questions that are actually on the exam are likely to come into your hands. Prior to the changes in the exam effective April 2002, many of the questions on the exam were one-line type questions. Many of the practice questions you will see are mostly of this type. Practicing them for the exam will not help you when you take the actual exam. You will find that the questions on the actual exam are longer and require you to do quite a bit of analysis and answer the question, '' What would a project manager do in this situation?''

The second and most important thing is that practicing on the exam questions will not give you a good knowledge of project management. It will give you only knowledge of the questions you practice with. PMI has gone to extreme lengths to make the exam something that will separate project management professionals from those who are not. This it does very well. It does it well enough that the certification process is itself confirmed by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001: 2000. The exam tests your real knowledge and professionalism. I feel that it actually does a good job of testing your competence as well.

The practice questions are a good way to test your knowledge, but I do not think that they are the only way. A solid understanding of the principles and methods of project management is extremely important to passing the PMP exam. The use of practice questions gives you some idea about the style and form of the questions, which is something you need to know. But using the questions as the principal way of preparing for the exam is a serious mistake and will generally earn you a failing grade.

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