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The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge ® describes project time management as ''the process used to ensure the timely completion of the project.'' The guide goes on to say that there are five major processes that are required to do proper project time management:

1. Activity Definition. Defining the specific activities that are necessary to complete the project and produce all of the project deliverables.

2. Activity Sequencing. Identifying the sequence in which the activities must be done. This is the same as identifying the interdependencies that the activities have between each other and inputs external to the project.

3. Activity Duration Estimating. In addition to the cost estimate for each activity in the project plan, the duration of time that is necessary for each activity must be estimated.

4. Schedule Development. Analyzing all of the data available to determine the project schedule that will work for the project.

5. Schedule Control. Controlling changes that occur in the project that affect the project schedule.

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