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PM Milestone Project Management Templates

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There is now a requirement that you receive thirty-five contact hours of project management education. This requirement is relatively simple to achieve. These can be classes that you take at a university, courses taught by training companies or consultants, or courses from a registered education provider or any PMI component (chapter). They can even be courses offered by your own company or distance learning courses. This is a pretty broad classification. The timing of the education has no limits, so you can claim the hours going back in time as far as you wish.

The following is PMI's checklist for the PMP application:

• Name on application matches name on ID (two required)

• Payment or payment information

• Experience verification goes back more than three years

• Experience verification does not go back more than six years

• Experience verification includes more than 4,500 hours involved with project management

• Experience verification includes 36 months total

• Deliverables from each project are summarized

• There are 35 hours of documented project management instruction

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