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PM Milestone Project Management Templates

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Ensure individual integrity and professionalism by adhering to legal requirements and ethical standards in order to protect the community and all stakeholders.

A project manager must be familiar with the laws that govern the project in the place where the project is being carried out. The project manager is the person in charge. In our classes we refer to the project manager as the one person responsible for everything in the project. If something goes wrong with the project, it is the project manager's responsibility. The project manager has responsibility for everything that happens on the project, much as the captain of a ship is responsible for everything that happens on that ship.

I recently gave testimony in a lawsuit involving a road-milling machine that accidentally broke a gas line while it was removing several inches of old road surface. The issue was to decide which of the several insurance companies would pay for the damages involved resulting from the accident. Since the project manager was responsible for the project, his insurance company should be the one to pay. The road construction company had failed to notify the utility companies, as was their responsibility. Had the utility companies been properly notified that the work was taking place, they might have taken steps to avert the accident.

Even though the project manager had specifically instructed the contractor to notify the utility companies, and even though the contractor said that they had contacted them, the accident remains the project manager's responsibility.

It is important that the project manager have a complete and thorough knowledge of the stakeholders of the project and also of the community that surrounds and mingles with the project. In a real sense the members of the community around the project are stakeholders, and there is a responsibility to protect them from any harmful effects of the project. I am sure that we can all recall the day that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident occurred in the Ukraine. Many thousands of lives were lost as a result of this disaster.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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