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Contribute to the project management knowledge base by sharing lessons learned, best practices, research, etc. within appropriate communities in order to improve the quality of project management services, build the capabilities of colleagues, and advance the profession.

In this task the project manager is expected to contribute to the improvement of project management knowledge both by increasing the quality and by improving the methods and techniques of project management. In addition to improving the tools of the profession the project manager should contribute time and energy to help improve the capabilities of colleagues.

By being a member of the Project Management Institute and participating in the activities of the chapter, the international organization, and the other international organizations that support project management, you foster the growth and improvement of project management. By attending conferences and meetings and contributing by the presentation of a paper at those conferences you can improve the world of project management. Supporting company training programs and helping to offer training programs through a local chapter of a project management association will go far to reach these ends.

Some project managers offer their time to further the development of research. This does not mean that you must head up a research study, obtain a grant for thousands of dollars, or join the faculty of a university. It does mean, however, that you should fill out questionnaires and surveys when asked, and it does mean that you should respond to students when asked to assist in their research.

Many opportunities present themselves to project managers that foster goodwill and increase the knowledge that others have about project management and what it does. I was once asked to speak before the annual meeting of Meeting Planners International. These are the people who plan conventions and conferences in places all over the world. As it turned out, this group had a great deal of interest in project management. What better places to practice project management than conventions and conferences? They have critical schedules, limited budgets, and high visibility. The convention planner has the opportunity either to upset the plans of thousands of people and lose millions of dollars for an organization or to make thousands of people feel that their time and money were well spent. To accomplish these things we need to have good communication skills and good judgment.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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