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Interact with team and stakeholders in a professional and cooperative manner by respecting personal, ethnic, and cultural differences in order to ensure a collaborative project management environment.

The project manager needs to ensure that the project team functions without prejudice. Today, many companies and projects are international in nature. Not many companies can afford to run their business without concern for foreign competition and customers. For example, software development contracts are now negotiated in different countries, and the Internet is making us all into one community.

We must be very watchful that we consider the cultural and ethnic differences of our project team and our customers as well. To do this we have to have a thorough knowledge of communications and make a sincere effort to understand the norms of our team and stakeholders. This involves choosing the appropriate communication channels and considering all of the filters and inhibitors that are involved.

It is easy to make mistakes and appear to be uncooperative. A responsible project manager must be able to exercise self-control in situations that involve people with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I teach project management around the world, and there have been many times when I have had to forget the practices that I'm used to and adjust my sensibilities and feelings to the surroundings rather than try to make the surroundings conform to my feelings.

Communication with people for whom English is not the first language is always going to present problems, but if you take the time to learn how to say ''good morning,'' ''please,'' and ''thank you,'' you will go far in developing good relations. The technique of speaking louder to someone who does not speak English is not going to improve understanding.

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