Taking the Exam

The first thing you must do is get a good night's sleep the night before the exam. Don't eat a lot of sugar the morning of the exam. Eat a good breakfast. Try to do things in the way that you do them every day. If you are used to drinking coffee, then do not deprive yourself on the day of the exam.

Get there in plenty of time to take the exam. If you are using public transportation, be sure to allow for waiting time for the bus or train. If you are driving, be sure to allow enough time for traffic delays. You want to be there with enough time to calm yourself and prepare mentally for what will be a tough four hours. A very good friend of mine was totally relaxed about the exam. In fact, she was so relaxed that she forgot to go take it. The proctor phoned her an hour after the exam started and told her that she had not shown up for the exam. She decided to take the exam and rushed over to the exam site. Unfortunately, the proctor could not stay, and so she had to take the exam in two-and-a-half hours instead of four. She passed. But not everyone can do that. Better to be there early, relax, go over your critical notes, and take the exam in a relaxed manner.

There is a fifteen minute tutorial before the exam, and there will be some papers to sign. This activity is not counted as exam time. Take the time to go through the tutorial. It will stop you from making mistakes with the computer that could lose you valuable time in the exam. The four-hour exam time is just the time for answering questions on the exam.

You are allowed one break during the exam. This break can be up to one hour in length, and the timing of the exam will stop for the break. Once you are back at the exam work station, the exam time will continue until the four hours have been completed or you have finished the exam. When you are finished, the proctor will grade your exam, and you will be told whether you have passed or not.

If you are having trouble memorizing formulas and such, my suggestion is to bring the formulas to the exam written on a card. Before the exam, look over the card and leave it outside the examination room. You do not want someone to see you inside the room with something like that. When you get into the exam room, recall the formulas and write them on the approval scrap paper. This is a good idea if you are a person who has trouble memorizing things and who when under pressure gets signs and the order of variables mixed up.

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