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Quality management is one of the most important aspects of project management. It is the ''stuff'' that holds a project together. We must have excellent quality in the projects that we produce. Quality management is the process that ensures that we produce each of the deliverables of the project. The three areas of quality management that we are concerned with are quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control.

The cost of quality is actually the profit of quality. The cost of preventing quality problems is less than the cure of having to correct the problem once it has occurred. The savings that are realized in a good quality management plan more than offset the cost of its implementation.

Quality control is the implementation of various control techniques. Various inspection techniques are implemented to prevent defects in processes as well as to prevent the customer from receiving parts that are defective. The acceptable quality level, or AQL, is the allowed number of defective parts that can be delivered without the entire shipment or lot being considered to be bad. This is because trying to produce 100 percent perfect parts becomes very expensive as the 100 percent mark is neared. Buyer's risk is the risk that a lot of parts that is unacceptable will be accepted by sampling inspection. Seller's risk is the possibility that a lot of parts that is truly acceptable will be rejected.

Sampling inspection is a statistical method of inspecting large numbers of parts. It is based on the probability that if there is a certain percentage of defects in a large lot, the probability of finding them can be determined statistically.

Quality is one of the areas in which a remarkable amount of money can be saved. This is because we not only save the direct and observable cost of defective goods and services to our customer, but we save in lost goodwill and future problems that defects bring about.

In the area of project management we must be vigilant and hold to good quality standards at all times, because failure to adhere to good quality practices could end with the ruination of the organization.

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