Quality Planning

The quality planning process must accomplish several things if the project is to be successful. It involves identifying all of the standards that are relevant to the project. For environmental issues, all government regulations, rules, standards, and guidelines specific to the specific project must be considered. There must be an overall quality policy, or company guidelines, regarding projects of this type. Generally, this is the common policy that will be used by all projects that the company will accomplish. Each project and each interrelated project must modify the guidelines and gain approval on changes that will be required for a particular project.

The result of the quality planning process is the quality plan. This plan describes how the quality of the project will be assured and the functions that will be carried out by the project team to accomplish this. The plan also serves to provide the additional activities that will be added to the project scope, budget, and schedule that will allow these things to happen.

The quality plan should reflect the information that is gathered throughout the project. All of the other areas of the management of the project should complement the quality plan. Risk is of major importance in the quality plan. Areas of the project that are high in risk should have a significant influence on the quality plan. The quality planning function will produce the quality metrics that will be used to measure the quality of the project in very specific terms.

It is important that a continuous process improvement plan be developed. This plan details how the project processes will be measured and how the processes can be analyzed so that continuous improvements can be made and measured. This could include the process boundaries, configurations, and metrics as well as targets for improved performance.

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