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There should be a change procedure in the project to handle changes that might be initiated by customers. The change procedure should include the cost for managing the change and the cost of developing the estimate for the effects of the change.

Estimating is just that, an estimating process. Perhaps it would have been better for the project manager to have given all the information to the person responsible for the estimate. At this point the best thing to do is to use all of the information available to create the most accurate estimate that is practical.

In this kind of situation it is important that the customs and culture in the foreign country be respected. By consulting with your company's management, the gift can usually be accepted and disposed of in the proper way.

Unless the employee has signed a nondisclosure agreement with his or her previous company, there is no obligation for him or her not to share knowledge that was gained while working for the competitor.

The first thing that should be done is to look for tasks in the project where there is an ability to reschedule to free resources for this problem. If the problem is severe and additional budget and time is needed, it may be necessary to speak to the stakeholders, but the project impacts and plan for the correction should come first.

It is usually in the best interest of the project if the project team decides matters of personal time themselves unless there are significant reasons for the project team to be on site at certain hours or because they are necessary to interact with other people on the team.

Intellectual property belongs to the author of the property. If you create a presentation based on your own work, you have a right to receive credit for it. This is not to say that it is necessary to give credit to every person who contributes anything to a presentation or we would have a list of credits like a Hollywood movie. One of the options not offered here is to speak to the manager first.

This type of problem occurs frequently. Many times there is a misunderstanding on the part of the customer's engineers, and it can be resolved simply by having an informal meeting and discussing the problem. Later, if the disagreement persists, the customer should submit a request for a change, and a formal investigation can be completed.

It would be a conflict of interest to own a company that was supplying parts to a project that you are managing. Receiving a gift of a small amount or one that is within the limits of your company's gift policy is not a conflict of interest. Using sensitive information voluntarily given to you is not a conflict of interest.

Probably the best thing to do in this situation would be to divide the money by letting the team decide how to divide it. This is participative management.

Unsupported allegations that are brought to you by a third party may often be rumors and mistaken facts. It is best to investigate the allegations first, and complete the investigation before making any changes.

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