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One of the problems with matrix management is ensuring that all employees and members of the project team have good and fair performance reviews.

In the early days of matrix management, one of the major difficulties was performance reviews. Typically, a person would come to work on a project, work there for a period of time, and then move back to his or her functional department or move to another project. The project manager concentrated on the project and the customer and did not take the time for performance appraisals. When the employee was assigned to the functional department, he or she experienced less stress and less urgency than when working on projects. The employee relaxed more and took vacations and sick days when working in his or her functional area. At the end of the employee's review period, the functional manager had little to base an appraisal on except the times when the employee was working in the functional area. As a result the employee was given a satisfactory appraisal when perhaps his or her project work had been outstanding.

A simple communications device may be used to eliminate this problem. The project manager meets with the person when he or she first joins the project. At this first meeting the project manager starts a plain sheet of paper and makes comments about the suggested assignments for the person. At the end of the meeting the project manager makes a copy of the notes to give to the individual and files the original. In two weeks another meeting is held to review the progress that has been made since the last meeting. Again, notes are made and copied and given to the individual. As time goes on, these notes accumulate and make up a written history of the work the person has done on the project, his or her successes and failures. When the employee leaves the project, the project manager makes another copy of these notes and sends them to the person's functional manager. In this way the functional manager has a good set of notes on the performance of the individual.

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