Human Resources Management

Human resources management is required to make the most efficient use of the project human resources. This includes all of the people involved in the project— the stakeholders, sponsors, customers, other departments, the project team, subcontractors, and all others.

Organizational planning involves the organizing of the human resources. These are the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of the people who are on the project team. As in all things in project management, human resources management takes place throughout the project. If at any time the project organization needs to be revised, the human resources plan will assist in carrying this out.

On large projects there may be a core team, sometimes called the executive or leadership team, which is responsible for the planning, controlling, and closing of the project. On smaller projects a more participative team is used, with all of the members of the project team participating to get these things done.

With all of this in mind the jobs that must be done relevant to the project from the standpoint of human resources are to create a human resources plan, acquire and develop a project team, and manage that team properly.

Normally on projects, human resources administration is not the responsibility of the project team. There is usually some functional department such as a human resources department that has the responsibility for contracts, employee benefits, and the like. Project managers and project teams should be aware of the human resources functions because the trend in companies using project management is to increase the responsibility of project managers and their teams. The analogy is that projects should be managed like small businesses where the proprietor of the business has many different responsibilities.

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