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Professional responsibility has five tasks associated with it. The PMP exam will have twenty-nine questions from domain 6.


1. Eight questions. ''Ensure individual integrity and professionalism by adhering to legal requirements and ethical standards in order to protect community and all stakeholders.''

2. Three questions. ''Contributing to the project management knowledge base by sharing lessons learned, best practices, research, etc. within appropriate communities in order to improve the quality of project management services, build capabilities of colleagues, and advance the profession.''

3. Five questions. ''Enhance individual competence by increasing and applying knowledge to improve services.''

4. Five questions. ''Balance stakeholders' interests by recommending approaches that strive for fair resolution in order to satisfy competing needs and objectives.''

5. Eight questions. ''Interact with team and stakeholders in a professional and cooperative manner by respecting personal, ethnic, and cultural differences in order to ensure a collaborative project management environment.''

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