Domain Planning the Project

Planning has seven tasks associated with it. The PMP exam will have forty-seven questions from domain 2.


1. Eight questions. ''Refine project requirements, assumptions, and constraints through communication with stakeholders and/or by reviewing project documents to baseline the scope of work and enable development of the execution plan.''

2. Seven questions. ''Create the Work Breakdown Structure using the scope of work, other project documents, and decomposition techniques to facilitate detailed project planning and the executing, controlling, and closing process.''

3. Six questions. ''Develop the resource management plan (Human Resources, Procurement, etc.) by identifying resource requirements and obtaining commitments from internal, external, and procured sources to complete all project activities.''

4. Six questions. ''Refine project time and cost estimates by applying estimating tools and techniques to all WBS tasks in order to determine project baseline, schedule, and budget.''

5. Six questions. ''Establish project controls by defining the required correct processes, measures, and controls to manage project change, communications, procurement, risk, quality, and human resources to facilitate project executing and controlling processes, and to ensure compliance with generally accepted industry standards.''

6. Seven questions. ''Develop a formal and comprehensive project plan by integrating and documenting project deliverables, acceptance criteria, processes, procedures, risks, and tasks to facilitate project executing, controlling, and closing processes.''

7. Seven questions. ''Obtain project plan approval by reviewing the plan with the client and other required stakeholders to confirm project baselines prior to proceeding with project executing processes.''

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