Domain Controlling the Project

Controlling has eight tasks associated with it. The PMP exam will have forty-six questions from domain 4.


1. Seven questions. ''Measure project performance continually by comparing results to the baseline in order to identify project trends and variances.''

2. Four questions. ''Refine control limits on performance measures by applying established policy in order to identify needs for corrective action.''

3. Seven questions. ''Take timely corrective action by addressing the root causes in the problem areas in order to eliminate or minimize negative impact.''

4. Five questions. ''Evaluate the effectiveness of the corrective actions by measuring the subsequent performance in order to determine the need for further actions.''

5. Seven questions. ''Ensure compliance with the change management plan by monitoring response to change initiatives in order to manage scope.''

6. Four questions. ''Reassess project control plans by scheduling periodic reviews in order to ensure their effectiveness and currency.''

7. Six questions. ''Respond to risk event triggers in accordance with the risk management plan in order to properly manage project outcomes.''

8. Six questions. ''Monitor project activity by performing periodic inspections to ensure that authorized approaches and processes are followed or to identify the need for corrective action.''

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