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It is essential that project management professionals conduct their work in an ethical and legal manner. Without this, team members, customers, colleagues, employees, and stakeholders will have no confidence in a project manager's ability to report on progress or any other aspect of the project. Trust is an element that must be present for any project to succeed.

PMI has instituted the Project Management Code of Professional Conduct in order to encourage self-discipline in the profession. Project managers are required to report violations of the PMI Code of Professional Conduct. This has the effect of maintaining standards of conduct. All certified project management professionals agree to support the Code.

Project management professionals are required by the Code to provide truthful representation of their business in any advertising or public statements regarding cost of services, description of services, and expected results. They have a responsibility to satisfy the scope of the project as agreed upon unless the customer initiates changes. All sensitive information must remain confidential when it is obtained while carrying out professional activities.

Project management professionals must also ensure that there are no conflicts of interest that may interfere with their judgment. This includes not offering or accepting gifts for personal gain unless they are in conformance with the laws and customs of the country in which they take place.

In managing a project, a project manager takes on the responsibility of providing qualified professional service. No project manager should take on a project for which he or she is not qualified. Project managers are required to maintain their level of professional skills for the types of projects that they are managing. Project managers provide leadership to ensure that the maximum amount of productivity is achieved. Quality, cost, and time objectives are to be met as agreed upon.

A project manager must ensure that the workplace is safe, and that all people working in the area that is the project's responsibility are protected from danger. Suitable working conditions must be maintained for the project team and any others in the area of the project's activity.

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