Change Management

A change control process must be put in place to control the project once the scope baseline has been set. The change control process is a formal process that controls the project scope baseline. The change management must be in place early in the project, certainly no later than the completion of the scope baseline.

The point of the change management process is to establish recognition for changes in the project funding whenever there is a change in the project scope. Changes in scope and funding do not necessarily mean increases in project scope and funding. Many times there can be agreed-upon changes that reduce the project scope or increase it.

In the change management process there are certain essentials that must be included regardless of whether the project changes are funded internally or externally to the project. The proposed change must first be evaluated as to how much time and effort it will take to evaluate the implementation of the change. Stakeholders who ask for new things to be incorporated into the project can bog down a project team. The investigation of these changes can cost much in time and effort. So, the first thing that needs to take place in the change management process is that the stakeholder must authorize funding to investigate the change itself.

Once this funding is approved, the project team can bring in additional resources to complete the investigation. The investigation must include the effect that the change has on all other things that are being done in the project. Once the effect on cost, schedule, and scope of the project is determined, a justification for the change can take place. If the justification is adequate and the stakeholder wishes to authorize the funds for the change, the change can move into the project plan.

The change management process is actually a small project plan. All of the things that must be done in planning a project must be done for project changes as well. When all of this has been done, the project baselines of cost, schedule, and scope are changed, and the new project plan is implemented.

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