Barriers to Communications

There can be many barriers to communications. Messages can be blocked or distorted, and as a result, their meaning can be changed considerably.

Distorted Perceptions

Many times the receiver is not in the proper frame of mind to receive the message. This may be due to many factors, such as the environment, the mood of the receiver, or the subject matter being delivered. The status of the person sending the message may have an effect as well. When something is being said by the person working in the next cubicle, the effectiveness of that communication will be different from a message sent by the CEO of the company. So we can say that motivation and needs and even experience affect a person's perception.

The receiver's perception is also affected by the need to connect the new message to already received information that is stored in the receiver's memory. We try to connect new information to old information in order to make it meaningful.

Distrusted Sources

The source of a communication may be wrong about what he or she is communicating. It can be that the source is really wrong or it may be that we are just convinced that the source is wrong. When this condition exists in an extreme way, it makes no difference what is really said. The perception of the message will be similar to what is expected.

Transmission Errors

There are a number of reasons why a message is not properly received, and language is one of the most common problems. Not only are the different words of different languages a problem, but the cultural differences between people who speak different languages can result in errors in communication even if the words and meanings are the same.

Receiving and sending messages can be done only within the framework of common experience and understanding. When the experience and understanding are different, communication is difficult.

When you deal with people from different cultural backgrounds, care must be taken with the choice of words that you use. This is not only necessary when dealing with those who are from a different country than you. There are significant cultural differences among people from different parts of the same country and even from different neighborhoods within the same city.

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