Advantages of Project Management

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Project management brings together many of the things that are needed to make endeavors like projects successful. But what do we mean by a successful project? A successful project is one that meets the expectations of the stakeholders of the project.

By organizing the project in a way that concentrates the efforts of the project team in the direction of accomplishing the project, a great deal of motivation is achieved. This allows for the project teams to concentrate on the project and not be distracted by all of the other projects and business activities that are going on in the area around them.

The stakeholders have consistent points of contact with the project team, and the project manager is a reliable source of information about the project and all that is going on within it.

The tools and techniques of project management are tried and tested and can be used on any project with success. Nearly all of them have been available for many years but have been somewhat difficult to use without the aid of personal computers. Project management brings many of these tools together in one methodology that can be successfully applied.

In project management we frequently speak of the triple constraints of project scope, project budget, and project time. This means that projects must meet the stakeholders' expectations and must be able to be done within the budget that was allocated to them and in the time that was allocated to them.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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